Creedence Clearwater Revival mastering session

Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray in the AcousTech mastering room ready to cut side 1 of "Bayou Country". The original recording engineer of the first three CCR albums was Hank McGill.

Creedence Clearwater Revival master tapes lined up and ready to go!

Here is a close up of the special Studer disc cutting playback deck with two headstacks, one for preview to the cutter head. That's the master tape of "Green River" cued up on the machine.

Kevin Gray scribing the master number on the leadout groove area with his trusty etching pen. The blue hose at the bottom is a compressed air hose, to blow off dust on the lacquer before cutting begins.

After 5 days of this, DEATH BY CREEDENCE MASTERS!

The stamper is ready to do its job on the 180-gram Virgin Vinyl press.

Here is a picture taken at Record Technology, Inc./AcousTech Mastering by Marc Phillips of recording legend Russ Gary with Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman. You can hear Russ' great recording and mixing at Heider, SF on these Creedence albums: Green River, Willy & The Poor Boys, Cosmos Factory, Pendulum and Mardi Gras plus Creedence Gold, Chronicle etc.

Original unequalized two-track master mixes of Pendulum.