Steve Hoffman at AcousTech Mastering and RTI

Steve Hoffman at RTI in Camarillo/CA.

Steve Hoffman behind the mastering console.

The Music Matters Blue Note team: Ron Rambach, Joe Harley, Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray in AcousTech Mastering at RTI.

Steve Hoffman and Peter B. from Symposium Acoustics.

Steve Hoffman is with Peter B. from Symposium Acoustics, showing him around RTI.

RTI master pressman Rick Hashimoto is showing Steve Hoffman a metal stamper, ready to press records.

Lon Neumann from the Sony SACD Studio, Steve Hoffman and AcousTech owner Kevin Gray.

Steve Hoffman remasters Rock and Jazz Classics for Analogue Productions, Music Matters, S&P, and Warner Bros./Reprise with his friend and former MCA teammate Kevin Gray.

Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray working on Faces' "A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse." The Olympic Sound master mixes in the hands.