Dio "Holy Diver" mastering session in Hollywood (12/27/11)

Stephen Marsh mastering room.

Steve looking over the DIO master tape legend.

Ampex ATR 104 analog master playback tape deck.

Brontoburgers: Need a break.

Steve and Stephen Marsh doing what they do best!

Stephen Marsh mastering room.

After baking (and salting to taste, uummmm, good) I used the original SOUND CITY STUDIO 1983 analog 30 ips AES half inch non-Dolby original stereo mixes. Stephen Marsh and I meticulously mastered the album directly from those original work parts. I gave Ronnie Dio a human voice, made him sound more 3-D and everything else just fell in to place. Tremendous drum sounds and galloping guitars sound pretty lifelike. I'm happy.

Steve Hoffman

Original master 30 ips 1/2" tape of "Holy Diver", Side A.