Steve Hoffman's equipment
Steve does his preliminary mastering run-down in his studio, but finishes his Surround SACD &
24K Gold CD projects at Marsh Mastering in Hollywood.


VPI Avenger, VPI Classic Two, Audio Note UK TT-2 Deluxe/Arm 3 v1, Technics 1200/KAB for 78s


Grado Labs Epoch, Audio Note UK IO-1, Kiseki Purple Heart, Shure V15


Marantz 10B (1965)

Digital Front End

Audio Note UK DAC4.1X Balanced D to A converter & CD Transport 3,
PS Audio DirectStream DAC & PerfectWave Memory Player


Tascam CD-RW901SL

Analog Front End

Ampex AG-440-4 (1967), J-Corder Custom Technics RS-1520 ("Ruby"),
Otari MX-5050 MK III-4, Otari MX-5050 B2-2, Otari MX-5050 B3-2

Pre Amplifier

Audio Note UK M9, Audio Note UK M6 RIAA phono


Audio Note UK Ongaku Kensei, Audio Note UK Jinro integrated 211, Audio Note UK OTP Phono SE Signature integrated,
VAC Phi 170 Musicbloc

Headphone System

Sennheiser HD600 with Stefan Audio Arts Equinox cable, AKG K701 with Ken Ball cable

Speaker System

Audio Note UK AN-E/SPx HE Alnico, Audio Note UK AN-E/SPe

Speaker Cable

Audio Note UK Sogon LX96 bi-wire


Audio Note UK Sootto, Audio Note UK Sogon 50, Audio Note UK Isis, Kubala-Sosna Emotion, Nexus-3

System Rack

Symposium Acoustics Isis, Ultra amps stands with Rollerblocks


Audio Note UK mains cable, Sound Application LineStage Mark VI power conditioners,
OYAIDE Ultimate SWO-XXX duplex AC outlets

Disclaimer: These are Steve Hoffman's systems as they are right now. This is subject to change, mainly dependent on what Steve Hoffman currently reviewing or working with. Updated 2/2018