Steve Hoffman at CES, 1997-2005

1997: Don McInnis, owner of RTI, mastering legend Stan Ricker, Steve Hoffman and record dealers Tom Port and Brian Hartsell.

2003: AcousTech owner Kevin Gray, Marshall Blonstein of Audio Fidelity and Steve Hoffman.

2003: Kevin Gray, Steve Hoffman, Shawn Britton of MoFi, music fan Elton Evans and Krieg Wunderlich of MoFi.

Jim Ricketts of THM Audio with Steve Hoffman.

Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman signing autographs.

2004: Adam from Capitol/EMI, Steve Hoffman, beautiful Jamie of Capitol/EMI and S&P Records' Sam Passamano.

2004: Steve Hoffman, Chad Kassem, owner of Analogue Productions and Kevin Gray at the Acoustic Sounds booth.

2005: Music Maven Jerry Tolmich doing what he does best at the Elusive Disc booth.